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Luxury Tanning. Exceptional Value.

Being the best Long Beach tanning salon requires constant innovation while striving to exceed customer expectations at every opportunity. Sun Elite Tan's friendly staff does exactly that by utilizing industry-leading tanning technology to achieve superior results at an affordable price.


Unique Experience

What makes Sun Elite Tan different from all the rest is the unique, all-inclusive tanning experience. We have all levels of beds to suit your needs from stand-up to high-pressure, each with their own contoured design to tan your body according to its natural shape. Offering you the latest technology by Ergoline, our sun beds are guaranteed to give you a feeling like no other salon can. 


Highest Quality

Our tanning consultants are always there to help assist you with any questions you may have. Guaranteed to have the best tanning beds in Long Beach and surrounding cities, our equipment offers the highest quality available for our clients. Our bed features include temptronic control/air conditioning, aroma mist, facial tanners, shoulder tanners, reflector neck tanner, and iPod-dock/mp3-ready for a more enjoyable tanning experience. Each room is equipped with the essentials you need to tan and make your tanning experience convenient. Great Environment. Highest Technology. Safest Equipment. Sun Elite Tan.



Elite Custom Airbrush

Elite Custom Airbrush

Elite Custom Airbrush

 Sun Elite Tan features the world's only multi-treatment skincare systems based upon High Volume Low Pressure (HVLP) turbine engineering. Their proprietary technology atomizes various treatment lotions into very fine mists, delivering highly customized, high quality skincare and sunless tanning elixirs for the ultimate beautifying experience. 


Classic Elite Tans

Elite Custom Airbrush

Elite Custom Airbrush

Tan all year long in our highest quality with the latest technology sunbeds. 


Elite Wellness

Elite Wellness

Elite Wellness

Introducing the Ultimate Premium Weight Management, Wellness Exercise & Fitness Sauna Pod. 


Elite Beauty

Elite Wellness

Elite Wellness

The newest face in light therapy. Treats many conditions, in many different ways while reversing signs of aging. See beauty in a new light. 

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